Frequently Asked Questions
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    When can I pick up my finished piece?
    Your pottery will be ready to be collected 1 week from the day you finished painting it. If you paint your piece on a Monday it will be waiting for you the following Monday. Glass pieces may take a little longer therefore we will call you when your piece is ready to be picked up.
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    How many times do I need to paint my piece?
    That completely depends on how to you want your piece to look. We recommend 3 coats to achieve the best results for the majority of our glazes. We do carry special crystal glazes that only require 2 coats.
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    Can I bring food and drink?
    We do allow you to bring your own food and drink but please bare in mind that the bisque pieces do not like grease. Touching your piece with dirty hands may affect how the glaze covers the pottery.
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    Are there recommended ages for painting or glass fusing?
    Painting is fun for all ages. We have a number of items that should interest children, teens and adults. Babies can add handprints and footprints to items, so no age is too young. Glass fusing is recommended for ages 10 and over due to the fact that the process includes cutting and working with glass.
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    How will I know my piece is ready to be collected?
    We guarantee pottery pieces to be ready to collect in 7 days. So if you finish paint your piece on a Monday it will be ready to pick up the following Monday. Glass may take slightly longer due to the fact that it needs to go in the kiln twice. We will call you when your glass piece is ready to be collected.
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    How long will it take to make a project?
    The size and detail of the design will determine how long it will take you to finish. However most projects can be completed in an hour or two.
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    How much does it cost?
    Each piece in our store is individually priced. There are no extra fees, the price of the piece is the price you pay! Our prices start from around $14 but we do have a limited stock of items that are less. We do not have studio fees, firing fees, glazing fees like some other paint your own pottery stores have. Glass is priced by size. Shaping the glass into a bowl, vase, platter etc is an extra $6.
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    Should I call ahead and reserve a seat?
    Reservations are not required, simply walk in whenever you are ready to join in the fun. You can always call ahead to see how busy we are if you wish. To hire the party room you must always call and reserve your 2 hour slot.